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Fall Color Report

Remember When

by Cynthia MacGregor

REMEMBER "Continental kits"? They were rear bumper extenders and spare tire covers that were supposed to make any car as cool as a Lincoln Continental.

REMEMBER calling the accelerator the "foot feed"?

REMEMBER when the dimmer switch for your uppers and lowers (a/k/a "city beams" and "country beams") was on the floor? And the starter—do you remember when the older cars had starters?—was on the floor, too.

Did you ever hop on the running board and hold on to the door handle while your dad drove verrrrrrry slooooowly, maybe just in your driveway, or on your street, if you lived on a quiet street? The slow speed, of course, was so you wouldn't fall off and hurt yourself?

REMEMBER when it was practically a taboo to say someone was pregnant, and we substituted such euphemisms as "expecting" or "in the family way"?

For that matter, we hardly mentioned underwear by name either. Bras and panties were known as "unmentionables." And if you did mention a bra by name, you called it by its full or formal name, brassiere. If you're a woman, do you remember wearing crinolines? Do you REMEMBER when a slip was called a "petticoat," and there were both full slips and half slips? Do you REMEMBER corsets and "merry widows"? Do you REMEMBER garters, and girdles with garter tabs? Do you REMEMBER when stockings were not pantyhose and had reinforced tops? And seams in the back?

And while we're on the subject of clothing, do you REMEMBER when what we now call simply "jeans" were known as "blue jeans" or "dungarees"? Do you remember the Eddie Fisher hit from the 1950s, Dungaree Doll?

Cynthia MacGregor is the author of more than 100 books. She also does public speaking. Visit

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