If all Medicare supplement plans with the same letter (for example “F” & “G”) are exactly the same, no matter which company you buy it from, why would you spend more money?
I ask this question to all of my new prospective clients. Most of them never realized this fact.
One of the comments I hear is, “I am going with the company I had at work”. That was ok since most of the time your employer paid for all of it or a good portion of the premium.
Here is the “bottom line”. The plans are the same, just what each company charges if different.
If you are going to be 65 or just getting around to retiring a little later, check out Mutual of Omaha’s prices on Medicare supplements.
Here is an example: A female age 65 for plan F from Mutual is $121.06 per month. Blue Cross charges $155 for the exact same plan. AARP charges $145.77.
This is a savings of over $407 per year.
Mutual of Omaha offers a 7% discount for two people in the same household buying a Medicare supplement (no matter when they buy it).
I recently saved a couple living in Arlington Heights, over $1600 a year in premiums over Blue Cross. They were ages 67 & 72 coming into Medicare for the first time. They took advantage of our lower pricing and the household discount.
If you are coming into Medicare for the first time or own a policy from another company and would like to receive a free quote, all you have to do is call me. My service is free and no there is obligation. It’s your money!
Ron Spivack, Senior Advisor Mutual of Omaha 847-334-0454

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