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Superior Health & Wellness of Crystal Lake, Dr. Jill Howe, DC, dedicated a day of patient care to our brave men and women serving in the US Military.  Dr. Howe and her staff promoted “Operation Phone Back Home” for a few weeks prior to the day of dedication.  Patients were asked to be sure to schedule their appointment for Monday, July 2nd, as well as refer their friends and family suffering from back and neck pain, Fibromyalgia, Neuropathy and more to come to our office for a free health analysis during the week of July 2nd. 


For every patient visit on July 2nd, and for every new patient referred to the wellness clinic that visited the clinic during the week of July 2nd, Superior Health & Wellness would provide pre-paid phone cards to the USO – Great Lakes to distribute to needy soldiers to be able to call their family to keep in touch.  Dr. Howe and her staff managed to donate 55 prepaid telephone cards as a result of the special program.


“We believe strongly in family communication.  We are hopeful that we can make a difference for some of our courageous soldiers though this pre-paid telephone card donation program.  We plan on doing this special promotion again as a way of giving back to our soldiers,” says Dr. Howe.



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About Dr. Jill Howe, D.C.:


Giving back to the community is important to Dr. Howe.  She lectures for free at various Park Districts, Book Stores, Police/Fire Departments and Local Fairs to help educate as many people as possible.  Dr. Howe is committed to helping her patients eliminate their health problem without the use of drugs or surgery.  She believes that while educating her patients about the function and means by which the body breaks down or malfunctions, she can help to create a healthier community.


Born in Illinois, Dr. Howe earned a B.S. in Human Biology as well as a Doctor of Chiropractic from National College of Chiropractic in 1991.  She and her husband Larry live in the northwest suburbs of Chicago, are avid dog lovers and proud parents of a 3 year old son.

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