Portable medical diagnostic company brings x-rays and more to your home

Portable medical diagnostic company brings x-rays and more to your home

            Sometimes, it can be very uncomfortable to leave the house and be transported to a facility when x-rays or other tests are needed.  Wouldn’t it be convenient to have these tests conducted right in the comfort of your own living space?  Touhy Diagnostic At Home provides portable x-ray, ultrasound and cardiovascular studies around the clock, seven days a week.  The staff of certified technicians is prompt, reliable and careful, committed to safely serving patients in nursing homes and their own homes.  Results are provided quickly, to ensure diagnosis and treatment in a timely manner.

            Touhy Diagnostic is a complete, modern, portable x-ray company that uses leading edge, sophisticated technology.  X-ray procedures include chest, skull, spine/pelvis; all areas of the skeletal system.  Ultrasounds and cardiovascular studies (Doppler, EKG, etc.) are also offered.  Available at all hours, you can call Touhy Diagnotic or fax a request with a doctor’s prescription and they will take care of the rest. 

            For information, contact Touhy Diagnostic At Home, 1293 Rand Rd., Des Plaines, at (phone) 847-803-1111, (fax) 847-803-1114.

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